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The Origins of Sip n’ Smile Chauffeur

Ali Haidar, Lebanese-American and Sam Bedawi, Lebanese-Scottish, were both born and raised in the “Paris” of the Middle East, Beirut, Lebanon. They met in 1970, in their high school physics class. During the Lebanese Civil War in the 1970’s, Ali and Sam decided to move to an entire new country for a better education and to escape the war. They immigrated to Belgium in 1977 and both went to Université Libre de Bruxelles. Sam was a civil engineering major and Ali was a Medical science major. In 1980, the University decided to make a decision that all foreign exchange students must pay a much larger tuition. This caused Ali to move to the United States, specifically San Francisco and Sam to move to Scotland, unfortunately losing touch for a while. Fast forward to 2013, Ali moved to Sonoma County and Sam stayed in Scotland. 42 years later, Sam moved to Sonoma County and was finally reunited with his long lost friend. From best friends, to college roommates, to business partners, to brothers, Ali and Sam were destined to keep their friendship alive. Ali’s education journey began as a medical sciences major, but eventually switched majors and received his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration at Lincoln University In San Francisco. Ali worked in restaurants for his entire career. Beginning as a busser at a restaurant, to a server, bartender, manager, and eventually opening up multiple businesses of his own. Although he was incredibly successful, he wanted something more. Years later, Ali sold his restaurants and decided to service his guests on a personal level.

Sam has had an incredible journey as well. When he moved to Scotland, he decided to go straight into business. Sam also started as a busser, server, bartender, manager, and his experience was incredibly similar to Ali’s. Although 5000 miles apart, their experiences were almost aligned. Sam’s success consisted of opening his own businesses, including restaurants, bars, and even a casino. Sam eventually sold his businesses to pursue his life servicing his guests as well. Both Ali and Sam have 30+ years of experience in hospitality. They both have gained an extensive amount of knowledge in the industry, especially being in the wine country. Now, after many years of experience, they would like to carry on with their professional careers, having the pleasure to chauffer you and your guests around the beauties of the wine country, to Sip n’ Smile your way through Sonoma and Napa California.


Designated Driver Services

Trust Sip n’ Smile Chauffeur to responsibly drive you all over Sonoma or Napa Counties for your wine tasting, brewery, or touring adventures. Please fill out the form below to let us know that you are interested in receiving a quick free estimate from us.