Your Professional Sonoma and Napa County Chauffeurs

Welcome to Sip n’ Smile Chauffeur. Our primary business focus is to provide you with friendly designated drivers for your wine country adventures. Our drivers have decades of experience in the local hospitality industry, working in both Napa County and Sonoma County in the restaurant, winery, and professional driving industries. We love wine tasting and enjoy having fun with people during their time off. Trust Sip n’ Smile Chauffeur as your designated driver today.

We arrive to a location of your choice and become your chauffeur by taking the helm of your personal vehicle driving you to wherever you would like. If you live in the area, we are happy to drive your personal vehicle, or we can also rent a car and pick you up in a rental car of your choosing. We also have vehicles that we can utilize if that is your preference. Provide us with your trip itinerary beforehand and your desired schedule and we can take it from there. Our regional experience coupled with our great attitude will ensure that you have a great wine country experience no matter what.


Designated Driver Services

Trust Sip n’ Smile Chauffeur to responsibly drive you all over Sonoma or Napa Counties for your wine tasting, brewery, or touring adventures. Please fill out the form below to let us know that you are interested in receiving a quick free estimate from us.