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Sonoma County

Sonoma County is a rugged stretch along the California coast. Within the Sonoma Valley lies the city of Sonoma. With Sonoma also being a well-known spot for its selection of fine wines, there are many who find it difficult to visit Sonoma as opposed to its rival, Napa Valley. Regardless, when you are in Sonoma County, there will be a huge selection of wine that you can find just about anywhere.

In fact, many of the Sonoma residents go as far as creating their own wines that have their own unique flavor and enjoy sharing that flavor among the many who enjoy wine tours. Another example is enjoying a wine tour that visits the Joseph Swan winery in Forestville. This popular winery first began serving its wine in 1967 out of its original building’s tasting room.

With many of the wineries in Sonoma County sharing a bit of intimacy among wine tour enthusiasts, this intimacy can often be experienced first-hand by having a winemaker them self pouring your glass. This goes to show that your wine country adventure will be a personal experience that you will always remember.

By going on a wine tour in Sonoma, you’ll enjoy the wine as you avoid the high prices, glitz, and crowds that accompany a Napa wine tour.


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