Wine Tasting

Designated Driver Napa County

When you plan to enjoy a wine tasting tour, it is a good idea to have a designated driver. When you do, you won’t need to worry about putting yourself or others at risk of an alcohol-related car accident. By hiring a wine tasting designated driver you will be able to enjoy tasting as much wine as you desire while being driven around in your car. The designated driver can come to you and use your car to take you on your wine tour.

The process is simple and involves just a few steps. First, a designated driver will be in contact with you and will make arrangements for driving your vehicle, rented vehicle, our vehicle provided by the designated driver. Then, you can have an itinerary set in place that your driver will be able to review.

The good part about hiring a wine tasting designated driver in Napa County is that they will be insured under the title of designated driver. Being insured allows the entire process to go faster so that you can enjoy your wine tasting worry-free.

When you are in need of designated driver services for your wine tasting tour, give us a call and we’ll get all of the details situated for a fun and enjoyable day of wine tasting.


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Designated Driver Services

Trust Sip n’ Smile Cauffeur to responsibly drive you all over Sonoma or Napa Counties for your wine tasting, brewery, or touring adventures. Please fill out the form below to let us know that you are interested in receiving a quick free estimate from us.